ftp kioslave

One of the best features of KDE is it’s kioslaves that let you access network and other resources right from konqueror, from the ALT+F2 Run dialog, or even better from your favourite KDE application.

Tonight I took a closer look at the ftp kioslave, I wanted to see if I could configure a maximum number of connections to use, as it opens multiple connections to the server and the server I want to use only accepts 3 concurrent connections. Unfortunately I didn’t find out how to achieve that goal, but I did find the following config options for it, which I’m making a note of here for my own reference and in case you find it useful. The file to edit is ~/.kde/share/config/kio_ftprc, if it doesn’t exist (and it probably doesn’t) you’ll need to create it.

To disable passive mode for the site example.com:


To do this for all sites not just example.com use [] instead of [example.com]

To force text mode, rather than binary mode transfers for the site example.com:


To login to a site automatically:


If anyone knows how to limit the number of concurrent connections I’d love to hear from you.

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