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QOTD: 2013-08-20

“You’ve had your debate.”

– the centre of government. The Guardian

No we fucking haven’t. The debate is coming though.

Quote of the day: 2013-06-19

“Governments should not have this capacity. But governments will use whatever technology is available to them to combat their primary enemy – which is their own population,”


“Governments are not representative. They have their own power, serving segments of the population that are dominant and rich.”

Noam Chomsky in an interview about NSA Surveillance with The Guardian

Quote of the day: 2013-05-31

Microsoft has very, very good policies around privacy. We’re a leader in the world of privacy, I think you’ll find. We take it very seriously.

Phil Harrison, a corporate vice president (European gaming?) at Microsoft. [source].

Quote of the day: 2013-02-14

“What this really is, is a war for control over the internet. The internet is a new world and you want to make sure – the US government wants to make sure – they have control of this most powerful market place of the future,”

“The internet belongs to nobody – no man, no corporation, no government – and that’s what these people need to understand. The internet is there for everybody, for society to evolve faster, to share knowledge and to accelerate our development as a race.”

– Kim Dotcom. [source]

Quote of the day: 2009-02-17

“Windows 7 has malicious features just like Windows Vista. These include features to restrict users (Digital Restrictions Management), a back door for imposing software changes, and perhaps also the spyware features discovered in previous versions. If you don’t want to be abused, defenestrate your computer.”

Richard Stallman (RMS), President of the Free Software Foundation (Join) in an Interview with