These are some of the projects I’m working on, or have worked on in my spare time.

The home computer security centre

A website dedicated to providing computer security information and news specifically for users of computers at home, I started the site in 1999 and it remains popular despite me having little time to work on it or keep it up to date.

Support Incident Tracker (SiT!)

GPL Technical Support Tracking Tool

I have maintained this application with the help of contributions from others since 2000 and was instrumental in releasing it as free software in 2005. I believe it to be one of the best tools for tracking technical support out there, but then I would say that wouldn’t I.

Support Incident Tracker


Open source single file image gallery

Since 2001 I’ve been occasionally tweaking and improving a single file image gallery script, it’s a very easy way to put a small gallery of photos online, simply drop the php script into the same directory as your images and away you go. It’s also very configurable and supports everything from EXIF data to image captions.

imgbook project page at google code