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Quote of the day: 2007-12-11

Two quotes today: “They told us the only way to avoid paying to sing the carols is if the kids are told to stick to old songs which are out of copyright.” Margaret Hatton, Dam House (Talking about the Performing Rights Society) “…a W3C-lead standardization of a “free” codec, or the active endorsement of proprietary […]

Quote of the day: 2007-10-03

“When an individual makes a copy of a song for himself, I suppose we can say he stole a song.” “[Making] a copy of a purchased song is just “a nice way of saying ‘steals just one copy’.” Jennifer Pariser, Head of litigation for Sony BMG.

Quote of the day: 2006-12-12

And so we face, in the twenty-first century, a very basic moral question. If you could make as many loaves of bread as it took to feed the world, by baking one loaf and pressing a button, how could you justify charging more for bread than the poorest people could afford to pay? If the […]