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HOWTO: Transfer OTR private keys from Kopete to Pidgin (or Pidgin to Kopete)

Kopete and Pidgin store their OTR private keys in a very similar format, the only difference that I encountered was the protocol name which is “Jabber” for Kopete and “prpl-jabber” for Pidgin Here’s the locations of the two private key files. Pigin ~/.purple/otr.private_key Kopete ~/.kde4/share/apps/kopete_otr/privkeys Open both files in a text editor and copy the […]

ftp kioslave

One of the best features of KDE is it’s kioslaves that let you access network and other resources right from konqueror, from the ALT+F2 Run dialog, or even better from your favourite KDE application. Tonight I took a closer look at the ftp kioslave, I wanted to see if I could configure a maximum number […]