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Quote of the day: 2008-06-23

“Critically though, I think the BBC can, and should, do more to support the Free and Open Source community” Ashley Highfield, Director, BBC Future Media & Technology

Quote of the day: 2008-06-06

"Honestly, it’s becoming clearer and clearer that the entertainment industry is an existential threat to the idea of free speech, open tools, and an open communications network." Cory Doctorow. Science fiction writer, blogger, activist. [Link]

Quote of the day: 2008-01-15

Most major web based developments of any scale these days work on the presumption that interoperablity, open standards, and platform neutrality are givens. It is not clear why the BBC design brief did not specify these requirements or if it did what technical problems – given the expertise available – hinder them being implemented. So […]

Quote of the day: 2007-12-14

“Opera has filed a formal complaint with the European Commission to force Microsoft to support open Web standards in its Web browser, Internet Explorer. We believe that Microsoft has harmed Web standards by refusing to support them; Microsoft often participates in creating Web standards, promoting them, and even promising to implement them. Despite their talent, […]

Quote of the day: 2007-12-13

Another quote on the subject of Ogg: “Ogg provides a baseline of fully unencumbered, fully open, fully documented, fully royalty-free codecs that are lighter-weight than the contemporary encumbered solutions while offering comparable or superior performance. Ogg is not fantasy or vapourware. It is widely deployed, tested, and reviewed. Ogg has already stood the test of […]