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New openPGP key

—–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—– Hash: SHA1 I have set up a new PGP key, and will be transitioning away from my old one which will expire soon. At the time I had created the old one I chose properties which are no longer recommended for good security. Due to nature of web of trust, I […]

Quote of the day: 2013-06-19

“Governments should not have this capacity. But governments will use whatever technology is available to them to combat their primary enemy – which is their own population,” […] “Governments are not representative. They have their own power, serving segments of the population that are dominant and rich.” Noam Chomsky in an interview about NSA Surveillance […]

Quote of the day: 2013-05-31

Microsoft has very, very good policies around privacy. We’re a leader in the world of privacy, I think you’ll find. We take it very seriously. – Phil Harrison, a corporate vice president (European gaming?) at Microsoft. [source].