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Check out my new photos from Iceland at Flickr We nearly got stranded at the Blue Lagoon over night as the wind was so strong the road was closed and no buses could get to us (apparently the first time this had ever happened!) Beautiful place so flat and snowy!

France/Spain Photos

Back from a great holiday in France and Spain, travelled by train again having had such a good time last year in northern Europe. Everyone seems so much more relaxed in Spain less concerned about what time it is and more about eating good food and drink. We’ve uploaded a few photos and there’s some […]

Boom Boom Japan

I’ve been playing around with kdenlive, a rather nice non-linear video editor for KDE. Version 0.4 was released just the other day and that re-kindled my interest in the program, I have to say it’s very good indeed. This is the result of my dabbling, it’s a collection of clips we took while in Japan […]